Windows Explorer

Benjamin De Cock,

You've probably seen this terrible screenshot yesterday just like everyone else on Earth. I first thought it was a silly joke from some Apple Fanboyz but, unfortunately, it's not.

While discussing with a friend how terrible the UI actually is, I watched the official video showing the main features of this new Windows Explorer. If you haven't seen it yet, do it now.

It's embarrassing. Everything seems outdated, cheap and ugly. The sound is bad. The ambient light is horrible. The room looks messy and dirty. The guy seems tired and bored. He uses an ugly, cheap laptop with an ugly cheap mouse. There are wires everywhere.

This video really shows Microsoft doesn't have any design culture and I'm really frustrated about that. I mean, Apple doesn't seem to have any decent competitor anymore and that's not good. Competitors drive innovation and provide choice. The thing is: I'm not sure we can honestly call them "competitors" and I don't see anyone coming with something great. That sucks. Let's just hope Apple keeps creating cool products.