Benjamin De Cock,

Without any doubt, 2010 has been the most amazing year of my life so far. It's as if all the most beautiful moments a man can dream of have decided to take place before . It has been a big milestone for me.

Personally, this year has been almost too rich in deep emotions for me. First of all, I've married the girl I love. I couldn't have been happier with this wonderful day full of sun, close friends and our lovely family. We've then bought the house we have both been dreaming of, set in a beautiful, green and calm environment. Things got even better when I became the father of the cutest boy on Earth in September. I've also followed a diet and lost 22kg but that's mere detail in comparison to the rest.

Professionally, I had a wonderful year also. I've started as a full-time UI freelance designer on January 1st and I must admit I'm pretty happy with the outcome for my very first year. I think I have improved a lot in code (especially in CSS as you can guess) and design since I'm now slightly ashamed to show what I had created a few months back. I've also launched 2 personal websites, my portfolio on deaxon.com and, just a few weeks ago, that tiny vcard website you've perhaps come across. I've received 3 job offers from the magical fruit company I admire so much and even won an iPhone 4! What more could I have asked for really?

Fortunately, I still have big plans for this year. Actually, this will hopefully be the biggest shift to date in my professional carreer. I've already been working on something for more than 3 months and while I can't tell yet what it's about, I have high expectations! I'll obviously let you know as soon as I can :)

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best for 2011!